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I offer students, professionals, and entrepreneurs solutions & strategies on their studies, career and business. I provide coaching services, offer business consulting, build websites and write contents, and curate internet marketing programs. I have over 12 years experience in the telecom, semiconductor, software and internet technology industries. My expertise centers on executing business actions and strategies relevant to Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Procurement, Internet Marketing, Business Software Implementation, Business Writing/Blogging, Customer Relationship Management, and Business Development.

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My Vision


My name is Noriel Panganiban. I’m a writer, coach and founder of Knowriel.com.

Curiosity is what brings me to writing books like this one. After my graduation in 2005, in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering, that desire to learn more on how the internet works sparks within me. While my line of expertise, over the years, somehow distanced me from the hands-on aspects of the complicated circuitries and microwaves of the electronics and communications world, my passion and interest for the same technologies leads me into the rich and fertile dimension of business writing, coaching and consulting. In the past decade, I have developed these skills on business writing, internet marketing, software acquisition, supply chain management, and business development. I had been working in the freelance space for about a decade.


I have a strong vision for education and it is quite ambitious.


With the emergence of the world wide web, search engines, websites, and digital marketplaces, I noticed that it is just becoming easy for everyone with access to internet to find and get the information they need. This realization somehow introduced to me a new dimension of education, a reborn system where learners can tap into free learning materials, free facilitators, and free from traditional classroom rules. Ideally, with this new paradigm, you almost need not to spend to educate yourself.


But there still lies a problem here that needs solution. Not all information out there are reliable.

While the internet, as a system that supports free education, is still in the process of shaping itself in terms of providing more accurate and quality information, I realized that human intervention between learners and the internet is still necessary. I am more specific to “guidance as a way of intervening” between learners and the internet so they can achieve a degree of education acceptable to the standards of the present-day society. That guidance aims for higher-level quality of learning.


Providing free quality education to all learners is a tough job, but I believe it can be done. This vision leads me to create a portal which primary purpose is to “guide learners on their learning journey” – Knowriel.com.

My work experience with corporations, technology providers, and internet-based companies is helping me a lot in turning my big ambition on education into reality. With background in purchasing and procurement in the telecom and manufacturing sectors, I have this deep understanding of supply and value chain management. With my freelance writing experience, I am adept with technological advancements in various industries. With my interest in software technology, coupled with that involvement in a few research and implementation projects in the field, I am practically well-equipped with knowledge that can help businesses acquire and implement software application for their operation. All of these are helping me become a better Business Coach along the process.


I have read, and continuously reading, many books and publications in the subject of business and entrepreneurship and I could say that it is one of the most important milestones I achieved in life. One of those books is “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill”.  I have dealt with a lot of people, both professionals and not, and those great opportunities made me not only learn but also uplift my personality. The best source of knowledge is still those men and women striving hard to achieve their goals. They are my inspiration as an author and as a service provider.


Helping students, professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and investors on their learning journey with free to affordable professional services is where I am inclined with right now. You can get to know me more thru my website, www.knowriel.com.


If you're a student, professional, employee, entrepreneur, business owner or investor, I'm encouraging you to visit Knowriel.com - your guide to study, business and career.

Favorite Quote


"Life is unfair. Get over it." - Bill Gates, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Microsoft

Recent Project


I'm engage in an overseas project for a telecom company. I act as a consultant in the supply chain operation of the business. See my CV for more details.

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To get to know me more and my vision about free to affordable quality education, please visit my website, www.knowriel.com. You can book services that I offer via this site.
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